The Noahide Academy of Jerusalem is established in Israel since 2015. It's purpose is to fulfill the mission of the Jewish People:"To Be a Light Unto the Nations" (Isaiah 49:6).

The Jewish People was chosen by God to be a "Kingdom of Priests, a Holy Nation" (Exodus 19:6) and guide humanity to fulfill its potential.

Since 2000 years we were persecuted and could not teach openly the authentic universal religion/way of life to mankind:

the Universal Noahide Code.

It's foundation is: the Seven Divine Commandments:

  • Belief and Trust in God,
  • To Honor Him,
  • To Respect Life,
  • To Respect Family,
  • To Respect Property,
  • To respect Nature and
  • To Respect the Law.

(Genesis 2:16).

God defines two essentials identities within human beings. At the instar of male and female as we are told in the first chapter of Genesis that, "God created man in his image, in the image of Gd He created him, male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27), Bnei Israel ( Jews ) and Bnei Noah ( Noahides ) are to fulfill the Divine Project for humanity witch is to "Make this World a Dwelling Place for God".

Now the question is: Who does what?

So the answer to this question may be studied in detail here on our books and our online courses, but the straight starting point is:

Bnei Israel's identity is defined as mentioned above: " Kingdom of Priests, a Holy Nation" and our life is defined by the 613 Commandments in order so we can fulfill our purpose "To Be a Light Unto the Nations" serving God in the Temple and teaching Bnei Noah how to actualize and integrate the Will of God and refine the world.

Bnei Noah's identity is defined by the Seven Fundamental Universal Noahide Commandments with it's many laws, so you can fulfill your purpose, which is to integrate and implement the Will of God into the refinement of self and the world around you.

When our identity is clearly defined we can ALL start living together in unity, harmony and peace, as ALL will fulfill the Divine Image within them and bring the entire world to Redemption. Amen.