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The Noahide Academy of Jerusalem is established in Israel since 2015. It's purpose is to fulfill the mission of the Jewish People:"To Be a Light Unto the Nations" (Isaiah 49:6).

The Jewish People was chosen by God to be a "Kingdom of Priests, a Holy Nation" (Exodus 19:6) and guide humanity to fulfill its potential.

Since 2000 years we were persecuted and could not teach openly the authentic universal religion/way of life to mankind:

The Universal Noahide Code.

It's foundation are the: Seven Divine Commandments and they are:

  • Belief and Trust in God,
  • To Honor Him,
  • To Respect Life,
  • To Respect Family,
  • To Respect Property,
  • To respect Nature and
  • To Respect the Law.

(Genesis 2:16).